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Puppy n’ Dog Training Secrets

“At Last...A Video Presentation That Unlocks The Secrets To A Well Behaved Dog!” So states the author of Puppy n’ Dog Training Secrets. Though it is a good program, it lacks the depth of other programs. Still, for the money, you will definitely see results with your canine friend, if you follow what is presented. The author claims you save $50 by purchasing the e-book over the cost of the printed book. Though it would be good to shop around and compare this program with others rated higher, it will still teach you positive techniques to train your pooch.

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Actual Customer Feedback:

This program is more than just a book in print. It includes video presentations but with animations rather than with pictures.  So for visual learners, this is worth considering. It does not include the depth of training that the four and five start programs do and is more expensive than some, but it is on the top ten list of e-book training materials.

Product Details

E-book and videos all are delivered via download.

E-book and videos all are delivered via download. Six bonuses include “House Training Made Easy”, “10 Cool Tricks You See in the Movies”, “101 Ways to Spoil Your Dog for Under $10” and others.

60 day money-back guarantee
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