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Fido Problems

Because most of the information about what is offered is locked up in the members only section, it is difficult to evaluate this program. Largely, Fido Problems is a one year, two year or lifetime access to a website that deals with dog training problems. You get an e-Book, but the online information is only yours while your subscription is live.

Product Feedback & Overview

Actual Customer Feedback:

The program is a little more nebulous than those rated higher. By this we mean you get access to a lot of information but only during your subscription time. If the problems you face are not dealt with during this time, then you lose. On the other hand, with a 90 day guarantee, it is the cheapest program and if you don’t find it useful, you can always request your money back.

Some of the subjects dealt with in the membership area are, Prevent Destructive Chewing, Protect & Care for your dog, How to Correctly Praise your dog, Stop him from Jumping up on you, How to Speed up training Results, and many others.

Product Details

A large list of testimonials indicate many are happy with the program. However, specific information about the company is locked in the membership section. Check out the FAQ for further details about the program.

For the price, “you get a comprehensive ebook, as well as a list of dog-related resources. Lists of breeders” and more. There are also extras for members.

$19.95 - one-year subscription $24.95 - two-year subscription $39.95 - lifetime subscription. Confusing FAQ says it is $29.95.
90 day moneyback guarantee
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