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Dog Training Secrets

Charlie LaFave has had considerable experience training dogs and he shares that experience with the readers. Dog Training Secrets is not available in print and must be purchased through his site. It covers subjects like How your dog’s mind works, and why he wants to obey you!, What toys you should give your dog? The secret “trick” to having your dog come to you and heel, every time! How to house train your adult dog in 7 days or less! This is one attraction - the author promises you will see results in a week by following his techniques.

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Actual Customer Feedback:

Though lacking the depth of coverage of some other programs, Dog Training Secrets does contain a wealth of information about training your dog. The author reminds trainers that training their dog benefits the dog even more than them. Dogs want to please and these methods teach him how. Charlie’s website includes a long tantilizing list of subjects covered in the book and some impressive reviews from people who have had experience in dog training.

Product Details

The author has produced or directed wildlife shows for the Outdoor Life Network and USA Network, and tested cameras for the Animal Planet (The Discovery Channel). This ebook and other bonuses are his only products.

A 15 chapter 215 page eBook (must be printed or read on the computer). Five bonuses are also offered including a 7 part free email course and a dog training newsletter. The free course covers When should I start training my puppy?  The right leash and collar for my dog, Why your puppy nips - and 5 ways to get him to stop, and others.

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