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How I Trained My Dog In One Evening

It is difficult to be excited about this product. It is more expensive than some that deliver more, so few testimonials make it difficult to evaluate. Some of the subjects covered in How I Trained My Dog In One Evening include, 2 words that can immediately stop your dog from chewing, A remarkable product that has even the spunkiest of dogs “healing” in minutes, The single most important command you can ever teach your dog, The huge mistake almost everyone makes with dogs that run away, and others.

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Actual Customer Feedback:

Is it possible train a dog in one evening, as the title promises? Yes, it is possible to get a dog to learn one trick or command in an evening, but this is hardly having the dog trained. A consistent program over time is needed to really train a dog so that it responds consistently. This, and the fact that the website is almost entirely one long testimonial with sales pitches makes it suspicious to some. On the other hand, no doubt the book contains value techniques that, when followed, will train your dog.

Product Details

The dog training e-book and bonuses are all that is offered.

For the price, you receive the e-book and two other books, The Potty Training Zone For All Dogs, and Dog Training 101 - The Straight Facts, a total claimed value of $49.

90 day money-back guarantee
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