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DIY Dog Training

This e-book covers a large range of material on dog training and includes several bonus e-books and audio tapes. The author of DIY Dog Training is not an experienced dog trainer by her own admission but has researched what others say about the subject. Since her expertise is in the area of dog health, the bonuses dealing with this subject are probably the most useful parts of the package.

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Actual Customer Feedback:

This is more of a research paper than a “here’s how I do it” manual. The subjects covered are many but the programs lacks the personal experience that makes it all credible.  Some of the subjects covered include, How do I best use newspapers to potty train my dog?  My dogs won’t stop “humping” what should I do? and How can I safely introduce a new puppy into my family?

Product Details

The author has written several e-books on the subject of god health and, because of questions asked about training, compiled this book.

Ebook plus seven bonuses including Dog Training Down Under. (Audio recording - 1 hour and 3 minutes) Introductions to Clicker Training, Secrets to Becoming the “Alpha Dog” & Being Your Doggie’s Pack Leader” and others. You can purchase three levels of material, the more expensive including more bonuses.

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